About Me

Hello there, I'm Gracie and I am on a quest, a quest to confidence. Now this might sound a little crazy to those people who are out there, super confident not a trace of self doubt in there mind. Oh, how envious I am of them.

I'm home schooled which was the result of bullying at Primary school, I think that has what has turned me into the Anxious and unconfident person I am today. I love the freedom of being home taught, it's giving me the time to really work on getting my confidence up.

 You see, I am quite a shy person and my self-esteem, my mum tells me is pretty low, and I think maybe, secretly, some people feel the same way as me, so I thought I would write this blog for me and for you, the readers that are in search of confidence.

I know we're going to find it.

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