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Sunday, 30 October 2016

6 reasons I love Autumn

This time of year is my fave, so I better get started and tell you all the reasons why.

  • My birthdays in the Autumn and even though I'm getting older each year it still doesn't feel like I get any less excited. I think I'm one of those really annoying people that just gets excited for everything, but doesn't everyone love being a birthday girl and getting to put on the birthday girl crown and being treated for the day?!

  • Now are summer has been beautiful this year in the UK and that meant that we could wear all our summer clothes that with a normal British summer would still be to cold to wear, and I loved it. Now though I'm looking forward to putting all my winter/Autumn clothes (snuggly jumpers, woolly tights ect.) but what I've been looking forward to most is wearing my lovely coat that I got for Christmas last year. So excited to get wearing it!

  • Now my sisters think I'm weird for this one, but I love going outside and feeling how cold it is on my face but I'm snuggled up all toastie in my posh coat and am warm every where else. Can no one else relate, or am I really that abnormal?!

  • This time of year is just so pretty and I don't think anyone can disagree, all the leaves going brown and falling to the ground like confetti. I'm not even joking looking out of my window the other day really did look like it was orangey confetti. Pretty!

  • I've woken up this morning very happy as I have benefitted from an extra hour in bed, so satisfying. I mean you wake up and your like 'oh, it's quarter past nine' and then your like 'oh no it's not, it's actually quarter past eight, yes!' Yes I do realise that waking up at that time is despicable, but come on it's a Sunday!


  • It's Halloween up next! Can't wait, if there any occasion to have a party and go a bit crazy I'm all for it!
I've really enjoyed writing this post, I know I've kind of abandoned my blog for yonks, I've just been so busy doing lots of very exciting things in my life and have been trying lots of new things. I'm never going to be the most consistent blogger as my life is just way to interesting for me to dedicate my time souly on this, so just giving you a little heads up there!

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