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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Home Alone

Are you the sort of person that throws a raucous house party, or are you like me and thinks why bother sharing! Don't get me wrong I love the sound of house party's but sometimes that's not an option and I think I have found the perfect way to throw your own private party.

Now I'd better be careful what I put here otherwise my big sis might get just a leetle concerned and not ever let me be the only occupant in the house EVER again!

Now what better way to get the party started than food. If your mum is anything like mine you will know that if you burrow deep enough in the kitchen cupboards then you will find treasure ( in our case chocolate.) If you don't come away without any goodies then, yeah you really need to go on a food shop OR just lower your expectations a little and do another round of the cupboards.

Another thing I like to do is test out my vocal range, I may not be an opera singer but I'm pretty sure I can go high enough to communicate with the whales! You can sort of see why I leave this thing for when I'm by myself as I don't want to deafen the less aquatic inhabitants of our house.

Once you have finished your conversation with the whales why not pick some sort of dramatic song to sing and boogie along to to your hearts content. I recommend Sia Chandelier as yeah, it's dramatic and I've got it soooo stuck in my head at the moment. The music video is amazing as Maddie Ziegler is an amazing dancer.

After you have tired yourself out with your dancing,(I know, my energy is limited) why not try doing roly-poly's on the bed, I chose my mums as I thought it best to do this sort of thing on a double! I always thought I sucked at roly-poly's and it wasn't until my trampolining teacher told me I was doing one that I actually believed I could do it. Anythings possible, so you never know you might surprise yourself. Release the inner gymnast in you no matter how hidden it may seem.

Just a little side note I take no responsibility for damaged furniture or your personal well-being!

And why not round off your evening pretending to be an Olympic gymnast or some other celebrity being interviewed. A roll-on deodorant bottle acts as a grate microphone, I should know!

I would love to know if you relate to the same weirdness's as I do, don't lie I know you do some of them.