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Friday, 15 January 2016

Trying Something New!

Lets be honest, the other day I was having one of those days, the sort of days were you munch through the dregs of your Christmas chocolate feeling quite despondent.With Christmas being over your thinking what next, how can I make this year what I want it to be? 
Well I decided the best thing to do was to consult my note book of things I wanted to do, (I know, I have a note book for just about everything, most lay collecting dust half finished.) But top of the list was Join trampolining and I suddenly had this mad impulse to join it. I mulled over what the next step was. Phone up about it. After phoning a couple of places I found somewhere that did trampolining which had places available and signed up the next day, It's amazing how much easier it is to write this down than to be waiting for someone to pick up the receiver, gripping the phone with extremely sweaty hands. 

I think for anyone, trying something new is daunting and I certainly wasn't an exception to that rule. Yet I did it!!!  And had one of the best times I'd had in a really long time, it was just so fun!

I thought I'd add this video in as it's one of the things that inspired me to join trampolining. She's is amazing!

Surprisingly I haven't quite got to her level yet!

For anyone wanting to try something new this year I would say 'go for it!' because it's an amazing feeling knowing you've ticked off one mammoth thing on your list already.


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