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Thursday, 31 December 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015

I hope you had a really good Christmas and have been seriously spoilt just like me. I'm just going to say right now thank you so much to my family not only for my presents but for all the food and just being the best family ever.

So I thought I'd share with you some things that I got for Christmas.

Now I don't quite know what the appeal is but for Christmas I really wanted a white board, now when I think of whiteboard I think like doing school work on them but what I really wanted it for was to doodle about on.
My main big present is something I've been admiring in shoe shop windows for months I didn't ask for it for Christmas as they are so expensive, the reason they're so expensive is because they last and last. They are the ever so gorgeous Willow Patterned Dr Martins.

Unfortunately the one's that my mum and my dad brought me are a little to big for me so I'm not able to wear them yet but at least it does mean another trip in to Salisbury which me and my sisters love.

The next thing I got which I'm wearing right now again from my mum and dad is the snuggest
, fluffiest, softest thing ever. It's a penguin onesie from debenhams it has two really deep fluffy pockets and just looks super cute.

My eldest sister made me guess who, horses, the drawings are incredible! She brought a normal guess who, took all the people out then drew all the horses.She's amazing at drawing, I'm so envious of her drawing skills!

My other sister painted me a plate using a stencil, I looks so good, I'm almost to frightened to eat off it! Both my sisters are so creative.

My brother brought me and all my other sister these lovely scarfs, I don't know where he got them from but they are so lovely and are the sort of thing you can wear with anything.

From my Aunt, uncle and cousins I got some really lovely wooden monkeys that I've hung from the end of my curtain rail, I love the way they all have different expressions on their faces.
I also got from her a little wooden tortoise which I sat next to my other wooden tortoise I got from my birthday I've now called them George and Mildred, and I got a little desk top calendar with a tortoise on it.

I got some cookery stuff from my Granny and Gramfer, Cupcakes from the primrose bakery by Martha Swift and Lisa Thompson, You can click here to for their website and see for yourself just how amazing their cakes are. I also got a pastry brush, a spatula ,which I absolutely love the color of and some cupcake cases which say cupcake on the outside, just in case I bake some awful cakes that are unrecognizable in which case you have to consult the packaging to find out what it is!
Another thing I got was a Photo album to put all my favorite photos in, as you all know I love photography.

I also got this gorgeous coat from my other Granny and Grampy, from Joe Browns, unfortunately they are out of stock until the end of January but that just gives me more time to get excited about it!

I just feel so lucky and I felt so overwhelmed at Christmas at how lucky I am.
 I'd love to hear what you got, so let me know in the comments.

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