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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Operation Room Tidy Up! 10 Tips For The Tidy Room

I was going to publish this before Christmas but unfortunately I just got distracted and didn't have time, but this could still be helpful to you if you are like me and once you've got all your new presents it takes a while to put them in to their new homes, I have literally just finished tidying my room and now my lovely Christmas presents are in their new homes. As I said in my December goals I wanted to tidy my room for Santa, which can I just say I accomplished, as you can tell I'm very proud of myself as you can tell!
If you know me you'll know I'm the sort of person that has a place for everything, its called the floor! The trouble is I just seem to accumulate clutter, it grows faster than the weeds in my garden and that is saying something!
The weird thing is my sisters, mum, dad and brother think I'm a bit weird for this but I actually don't mind tidying, admittedly I have to be in the right frame of mind and it's hit and miss when it comes but anyway I thought I would give you some tips of some of the things that help me.

  1. Write myself a very detailed to-do list.
    This makes me feel great because you feel like your actually getting somewhere.
  2. Put some Music on that really makes you feel like you want to get up and get on. (YMCA, Macerana)  I found out whilst cleaning that it's virtually impossible to learn the words for the macerana! I'm even thinking of making myself a tidying playlist!
  3. Take pictures of before and after, this is the first time I did this as I was really doing it for the blog post but it was amazing to see the improvement.
  4. This one I find really hard getting rid of stuff as I'm quite a sentimental person but my mum read somewhere about before you get rid of something say thank you to it and that way the happiness you used to get from it when you where little will come back to you in other ways. This really helped me in feeling less guilty about throwing it away. I think it was in Marie Kondo's book that she found it in.
  5. Wear a dust mask, when your wearing one of these you mean business! No, if your like me, a bit allergic to dust these really help.
  6. Open the window to get some fresh air in, I don't advise this if it's raining unless you want all your possessions swilled away in which case go ahead. Personally I have never used this Technique so you'll have to let me know how well it works.
  7. Put everything on your bed, clothes from you floor clean clothes ,dirty clothes, things from your shelves everything, that way you can get on with the next step. Hoovering, dusting this way your not having to pick things up off your floor as you go along.
  8. Don't get distracted, now I am probably the worst for this, you suddenly find old photos, someone messages you, you find out old school work. THAT CAN WAIT! I just suddenly realize I'm sat down not doing what I should. When you realize this, get up and get on.
  9. Like I said earlier I have to be in the right mind set for tidying and it's very unfortunate when your room is in desperate need of a tidy but you can use another way that I sometimes think is helpful. It's what my mum calls the 15 minute rule you literally do just that, 15 minutes every day until it's done. I think it's good because you don't end up spending your whole day on it . Another thing that is good about it is that you often realize that you've been doing it for 25 minutes and your now in the right mood for carrying on.
  10. The is the best one as you get to plan some relax time. Have a bath, watch a film, read your book. You can think of it as motivation. 

I hope you can now see your floor in your room like I eventually did, happy tidying.

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