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Thursday, 7 May 2015

25 facts about me!

Hello, I thought as it was my first post I would do a 25 facts about me tag for you to get to know me better. Here go's.

  1. My star sign is Virgo.
  2. I love reading.
  3. My favorite books are the Harry Potter Series, I must have read them at least 10 times!
  4. When I'm at home, I practically live in Pajama bottoms.
  5. I get very grumpy when I'm hungry.
  6. I'm vegetarian.
  7. My favorite meals are... Pasta
  8. Homemade Pizza
  9. Homemade Tomato Soup or Cheese and Onion made by my dad.
  10. My favorite film is probably one of the Harry Potter films. (Is there a Harry Potter theme going on here?
  11. My favorite character in the films is Luna Lovegood, I just think she's great and Evanna Lynch plays her really well.    
  12. The song I am listening to at the moment is Adele - Rumour Has It.
  13.  I'm not good at swimming and hated the lessons, I never wanted to jump in the pool - freezing!
  14. I love horses.
  15. Sadly I do not have a horse of my own.
  16. My favorite TV Series is Heartland       
  17. I've never been out of England
  18. We rarely go on holiday.
  19. But my favorite place to go on holiday is Exmouth in Devon.
  20. I always have to be doing something.
  21. I love animals and I have some of my own.
  22. I have a Guinea pig and a Rabbit both of which are very sweet.
  23. We have 8 ducks and a very old chicken.
  24. A cat who when he was a kitten we thought was a girl
  25. A Border Collie Dog and a Horsefield Tortoise, I love all of my animals so much and think that they are incredibly special.
Thank you for reading this post. That's it from me, please let me know some facts about you in the comments so that I can learn more about you!

Gracie xxx          

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